Genea believes knowledge is power so we’re constantly on the hunt for new ways to share knowledge about fertility and help people avoid the heartbreak of finding out about their fertility challenges too late. This partnership between our sister clinic Genea and Nova Entertainment to create Modern Babies, a series of 10 podcasts all about fertility, fits the bill perfectly. Podcasts are an engaging and fast growing channel which give us the time and space to explain what can be a complicated topic through a medium which lets people consume information on what can be a taboo topic, privately.

Each week over the next 10 weeks we’ll investigate a new fertility topic, interviewing medical specialists and people like you to get both sides of the story. The hosts of Modern Babies, Josh and Jess, will ask the questions for you and dig deep to find out the facts.

You can listen here on the Genea Oxford Fertility site, over at Nova Entertainment or you can download Modern Babies through your favourite podcast app.

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Genea Podcast speaker icon Ep. 7 Research and Development - Backstage in the Lab

Innovations in IVF technology and techniques can maximise your potential of having a baby. And even though Jess never studied biology, she visits the lab and speaks with Genea Scientific Director Steven McArthur to find out more.

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