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Genea’s GeneSyte™ - giving you insight into the health of your baby in 7-10 working days*

In the lead up to trying to conceive and from the first moment you realised you are pregnant, you have wanted to do everything you can to protect the growing life inside of you. From eating the right foods to taking your supplements, your focus is on doing everything you can to ensure the health of your unborn baby.

Now that you are pregnant, most health care professionals will advise you to undertake first trimester screening to test for any abnormalities.

Introducing GeneSyte, non-invasive prenatal screening from Genea

GeneSyte represents the culmination of our more than 30 years of experience in reproductive medicine. GeneSyte is the first non-invasive prenatal screening which is completely processed in Australasia. Until now, all samples were sent offshore for testing, meaning delays in finding out the results you so desperately want. With GeneSyte, your results are available within 7 to 10 working days* - a fraction of the time it takes other providers.

What's more, unlike previous methodologies such as amniocentesis, our GeneSyte test only requires a simple blood test, making it much safer for you and your baby. GeneSyte works on the principle that when you are pregnant, some of your baby’s DNA crosses the placenta into your bloodstream. Our testing allows us to identify it in a sample of your blood and check for the conditions which are caused by extra or missing chromosomes.

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* Your results will be available within 7 to 10 working days from the date your sample is received at Genea. Once testing is completed by our Sydney laboratory, the reports are immediately communicated to your LMC who will contact you to discuss the results.